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 St John is diverse through-out the world, responding to the needs of local communities. Read more below and click on the links in the left hand column.

Improving community healthcare for women and their babies

St John is now launching Mother and Baby Africa, a new programme supported by Desmond Tutu.

The programme will ensure that St John volunteers are there to help save hundreds of lives in the crucial time of child birth and early life.

Mothers and their new-borns are dying in their thousands in Africa from preventable causes. Education, care and support from our volunteers will prevent this in the communities we work.


You can help us to save lives by giving. Just £15 will pay for a woman to have one-to-one support through her pregnancy.

Show your solidarity to Desmond Tutu by giving £10 to St John. Text: ‘TUTU42 £10’ followed by 70070. If you want to give more than £10 follow this link: www.justgiving/orderofstjohn/donate


Our Mother and Baby programme will be rolled out in vulnerable communities within the five African countries of Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda.

We’re training 400 volunteers to reach out to 50,000 people who need more information and support to do the simple things that make the difference between life and death.

We want to see communities working together to strengthen the health of mothers and babies and save thousands of lives.


This is our newest programme - find out more abotu what we do my navigating the left hand column.